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Monday, April 19, 2004

Would I really want 10,000 to die? No of course not, but for some reason I don`t want to continue on with a quiz that asks questions like that...silly myself I know.
I`d like to also note that on this trip I have come to the decision that I will take steps to instigate a change to my working life toward the end of the year. I don`t know if I have the commitment to follow it through though, because I really have no idea what I could do after it - and thats a little scary.

I`ve never been one to take big steps or actually make decisions - things always sort of fall into place and I go with the flow. But note today I`m feeling like I should act on this change. I feel I want to wait for something or somebody to help me decide on this - but I don`t think thats how it works - I have to make the decision for myself.
I`ve also found a good Japanese restaurant nearby with English menu - I`ll be eating there from now on! It serves Inanawi (?) style food.
I`m also currently reading `The Vanished Man` by Jeffery Deaver. Its a crime novel about a serial killer that uses magic tricks to inspire his crimes. He also wrote `The Blue Nowhere` which is well read, so I might read that one after this.
Still haven`t done anything on fat prophets. Everytime I go to the website I just get this feeling of laziness come over me.


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