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Sunday, June 13, 2004


US immigration now takes forever! It took from 1.40pm to 3pm for me to get through the immigration line. People were getting fingerprinted and photographed. At least that cut into my wait time.

Hour 1 of wait
Take a shower to clear the head, and wake myself up a bit from the flight across the Pacific. I have no idea how long the flight took because the plane did not have the flight progress channel on the TV. Going by the timer inside the showers, I take about 20 minutes to shower, brush teeth and make myself pretty. 5 hours to go.

Hour 2 of wait
Watch WNBA action, then some live WNBA. They're pretty good, but WNBA action is a bit dull - top 10 plays was basically 10 different types of layups. I'm also reading a 'social psychology' book - '100 ways to be happy'. 4 hours to go.

Hour 3 of wait
Feeling really tired, so end up falling asleep on the couches listening to Hip Hop on the free headphones. Nothing like an afternoon nap. 3 hours to go.

Hour 4 of wait
Dinner time! So I go for a wander and find a Burger King. I am EXTREMELY disappointed with what I ate. While the Chicken Whopper was bigger than the ones in Oz, I think I would have enjoyed more eating the burger wrapping dipped in ketchup, black pepper and salt. 2 hours to go.

Hour 5 of wait
Back in the lap of luxury (Qantas Club) and I take the time to get down some details on paper so I know where I'm going when I get to Boston tomorrow. I've been trying to spot the Aussies all day, and I think I've picked a few. I'm pretty sure the guy in the Wallaby jersey behind me is one though.

And that brings you up to the present. 6 hours in an airport - I never knew it could be so much fun :)


btw I haven't touched my SIA notes, which is not good...


Blogger ooee said...

sounds like you're having fun!
I want a holiday :(
or to at least be doing what I'm doing overseas. lucky.

12:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome.

8:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh that was me by the way :)


8:14 AM

Blogger riss said...

i'm with ooee, i'd be more than happy to have the chance you've got working overseas. argh, it would be such a great experience
*is jealous*

9:10 PM


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