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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Amazing .... from first day in HK to (second) last day in HK. Only one more sleep before going back to Sydney.
I purposely don't say 'home' because in some ways it almost doesn't feel like it - when you travel around alot - you have a more 'flexible' concept of what you call home. But I'm sure I feel this way because I am a bit apprehensive about what it will be like returning. Perhaps its better to describe it as I'm returning to somewhere where I can be myself and be relaxed again.
Alots happened in my time here - (almost 6 months) and most people close to me know why I am returning home prematurely. Of course its because I've left my job. I hate saying the word 'resign'. From my experiences here in HK I come to realise that I suffer from a form of separation anxiety. Whenever I have to break ties with something which has had a big impact on my life - I invariably go through the merry-go-round of should-I? shouldn't-I? And it makes it into all a bit much of a traumatic experience all in all. However I've had to go through this experience a few times here, and I think I'm a better person for it.
A summary of some of the things I will take from HK
- Next time I'm stuck in a new years eve crowd, I'll just think back to Mongkok on a saturday afternoon - and it'll feel like I'm roaming free in a wild open field.
- As they say in the song - 'breaking up is hard to do'. But I will learn from the experience and be better for it.
- Being happy is about finding that balance. I will only be content at work when my personal and social life is fulfilling.
- Sometimes you have to let things go. Letting work drain your mental and emotional energy is not worth it.
- Alot of imitation clothing and dodgy dvd's
- Cheap suits and business clothing from G2000
- Stress is bad. Just breath.....and relax.....
- Hearing the words 'one-china policy' too many times in the news
- that if you eat bbq pork and soy chicken continously you WILL get fat
- if you are going to work in HK, make sure you get taxed as a HK employee - 15% flat tax!

I've had some difficult and stressful times while I'v been here - but I'm very lucky for the chance to actually be able to do something like this - most people don't get the opportunity.


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Welcome back to Sydney JC. Perfect timing too :)


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