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Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm back home, and cleaning out my draws today, I find old cinema ticket stubs that I have kept. So before throwing them out, I thought I'd record somewhere the movies that I have seen at the cinema:

'00: American Beauty, Dogma, The Insider, U-571, Pitch Black, Romeo Must Die, Gladiator, Patriot, Vertical Limit, Unbreakable, The Dish

'01: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Titan AE, Dungeons and Dragons, Shrek, Tomcats, Remember the Titans, Hannibal, Dude Where's My Car, Lara Croft - Tomb Raider, American Pie 2, Apolocypse Now Redux, Don't Say a Word, Scary Movie 2, The Score, Swordfish, Rush Hour 2, Moulin Rouge, Monsters Inc, LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring

'02: The Tuxedo, Road Trip

Reason there is no record after 02 is that I did start watching movies less frequently at the cinema, plus I stopped keeping ticket stubs.
Although I did watch more movies in Brisbane and HK. When you got nothin to do on the weekend nothing better than going to the cinemas to spend an arvo.

Other things I found
- 5 admit one passes to Pure Platinum (never went tho haha)
- A scorecard for a round of 82 at sefton golf course
- Lots of other stuff as well not worth mentioning - I'm a receipt horder - so chucking out alot of receipts, plus alot of old air tickets stubs.

Day 1 of 'job hunting' - haven't done anything yet.

I'm gonna copy other people and have a little aside about music as well

most catchy song of the moment on radio: 1 2 step remix
last CD bought: Tricka Technology by Krafty Kuts


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe Get a job you bum! :P


7:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about "Suspended Animation"??

9:40 AM

Anonymous M[ said...

Im exactly the same, i keep all my movie tickets. I actually have a collection of them all !

11:22 AM


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