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Friday, March 18, 2005

Free Hugs

Today there were 3 guys giving out free hugs in Pitt St Mall. They were extremely dedicated - not only were they not getting many takers, but they were standing there in the middle of the mall in the persistent drizzle. That may have something to do with their low hit rate though - a couple of not-overly attractive wet guys aren't especially appealing to grab a hold of. So obviously I didn't feel like a hug today, however if they were not-unattractive wet girls....
I do feel relatively chuffed, well flattered is the better word today. In the last few days I've received 2 job offers, 1 of which I am accepting tomorrow. It's definitely good for my self confidence. The role I selected though isn't necessarily the one with the most seniority or greatest amount of responsibility. My recent work experiences have definitely left some scars with me, and I'm a bit scared/worried about taking anything else on which may put the same amount of pressure on me personally. Saying that though the job I am taking still presents alot of challenges for me - its a large project I'm joining trying to build a very complex system (which I won't bore you with the details of).
Regardless there's obviously some unknowns, but I'm happy with my choice of job. Or more accurately I will be happier once I get started on it. Its a contract as well so I'll see how that fits with me (as opposed to a permanent job). At least I don't have to worry about looking for a job now and can relax for a while. I'm a bit dubious about employment agents now though, but that's a whole other story.

And if things don't work out, I can always give out free hugs...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job dude! When do you start? What company is this? Where are you locate? :)


7:47 AM

Anonymous M[ said...

good work jas !

11:34 AM

Blogger Meyshia said...


I'll know where to go if i'm in need for a hug one day. Sefton is much closer than Pitt Street mall!!

5:45 PM


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