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Monday, December 12, 2005


New Car.
New Home.
New Year.
Officially moved into my new apartment last night. Not the dramatic farewell I'd pictured in my mind some years ago of my foray into independence. Just a 'see ya mum, i'll pop by next weekend'.
Of course my situation is tempered by the fact that it wasn't the first time I'd been out in the world on my own. Even when I went on my first overseas trip there wasn't much in the way of dramatic farewells at the airport.
I'm still waiting for my bed. I'm sleeping on a fold out sofa at the moment. The moment of waking up to new surroundings is always interesting the first time.
It is also a first for me in that for the first real time I'm having to spend alot of money on things that aren't just for personal enjoyment. I now have financial commitments and obligations.


Blogger Chip said...

Congrats :)

7:42 AM

Blogger mole said...

Congrats JC...now we have a place to crash after our clubbing debauchery :-)
But on a more serious note - I have a feeling 2006 is going to be a great year for us horses!

9:41 AM

Anonymous Cheech said...

Kinda fun, til you have no money for the toys or the snow..

12:02 PM

Blogger yui said...

setup that xbox my friend and crack open them beers!

9:24 AM


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