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Monday, April 04, 2005

Times Up, Pens down

I'm going to be so relieved this time next week when I finally complete the final two exams of my graduate diploma in applied procastination and guilt. For the last 5 years I've been on and off studying to be I'm not sure what now.
When I started it. I was a wet behind the ears uni graduate - keen to impress and make a mark in my first job. So it was a good idea to study finance - I was working as a Business Analyst, and honestly, I didn't know what was going on half the time at work.
So I signed up for this degree and got through 2 semesters of it before I realised - I don't want to study now - I want my spare time outside work for myself, not spent studying! So I stopped doing it, which was a good decision I think.
When I started my second job, again keen to impress I picked up the course again. I found it a bit difficult though to actually get to DOING the course this time around - a few times missing exams altogether. One time doing an exam remotely in HK. While it has been a pain at times, doing it has contributed to my apparent success at work thus far.
So fast forward 2.5 years from that point and I'm here studying for my final 2 subjects - Financial Industry Law and Ethics and Property Investment Analysis. I'm not exactly sure which direction my work is going to take over the next year, but I will feel a sense of achievement having completed this.
For anyone interested in pursuing a career in the financial services industry, the Securities Industry offers both undergraduate and post-graduate courses in finance and investment. You can find more information at www.securities.edu.au :)

Oh and favorite song at the moment: Feelgood Inc by Gorillaz and De La Soul


Anonymous yui said...

a big advocate of procrastination myself, i'm glad you see the light at the end of the tunnel, cos i sure don't.

i'm so lazy.

11:26 PM

Blogger riss said...

well at least you stuck with it and didn't give up half way through. i don't think i could ever go back to studying now, i hated it before and i think i'd struggle even more now. good luck for the exam :)

3:39 PM


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