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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Twenty Six

Status: Single, not dating
Place of residence: Living at home
Employment: business analyst
Career Path: not sure - stalled
Last Movie: Star Wars III
Currently reading: started Rules of attraction - halfway through bill bryson short history of everything
Current pastimes: watching tv shows - 70s show, CSI, desperate housewives, lost; playing oztag and touch football; going to salsa lessons; playing xbox games; golf
Thing I'm most looking forward to: fingers crossed for a great ski season in oz and nz, being involved in my friend Dave's wedding
Positive/Negative: slightly negative
enthusiastic/uninspired: slightly uninspired
confident/uncertain: slightly uncertain
busy/passive: not very busy
cultured/sporty/nerdy: sporty/nerdy
Things I want to achieve this year: find a job that i enjoy and i'm enthusiastic about; get a new car; become more independent; go overseas again; become a better oztag/touch player; learn more tricks in the board park; build my share portfolio; get my enthusiasm back for staying fit; start doing yoga again; go to a swans game; go to a cricket game
Car: mitsubishi mirage
Financials: well paid job, 50% in savings, 50% in share market, up in share market, not saving aggressively
Fitness: generally healthy; playing sports; going to gym sporadically, visiting trichologist and dermatologist
Social status: fairly inactive
favourite drink: gin + tonic
last time drunk: long time ago - maybe mid 2004
last big purchase: video camera
favorite possession: new snowboard pants and boots
want to learn: japanese, cooking, guitar


Blogger yui said...

i like that list, whether it be for your self analysis or to share with others, i like.

10:28 AM

Blogger Beckster said...

Hi Jason *wave*, I found your blog through our mutual friends. Am adding you to my stalkage list =)

5:18 PM


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