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Monday, April 11, 2005

Its a photo finish!

woohoo!! 2 exams finished today!!
The exams turned out to be quite difficult in parts - mainly due to my lack of preparation though. My standard study routine is:
- prepare study notes
- re-read study notes
- do practice questions
And I always set out a schedule like '2 topics a day' or something like that so that I know whether I'm on track or not. I had my schedule set out this time round, and alot of time to do it since I didn't work...but I just steadily fell behind as each day passed :) Eventually I did do all 3 things, but it was really rushed at the end, and honestly, I was getting bored of studying - it was just taking so long - that I probably wasn't very focused. It was 2 exams though, so alot of information to absorb. I should pass, that's all I need!
The exam was held at Randwick Racecourse in the function room above the grandstand where probably only the rich and the elite get to watch the races from up there. It was quite an impressive view though. I think a day at the Races should be on the cards sometime soon - I've never done it before.
Only 2 days before I go back to the grindstone and have to WOORKK!


Anonymous PeeDz said...

Good luck with your results dude. Im also waiting.... :)

9:27 PM

Anonymous Marc-Adrian Napoli said...

come over to my side of town sometime sefton boy :)


10:30 AM


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