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Friday, December 23, 2005

2005 Review

It's all about the best and worst of this, that and everything in the newspapers of late. Best and Worst songs, best and worst movies, best and worst events. So in that spirit I thought I'd do the good and bad of my year 05.

January: Good and Bad After resigning from my job and returning home from Hong Kong. I spend most of January in Melbourne. Happy to be free of the stress, unsure of what I'll be doing next.
Also in January: Good Went to Australian Open for the first time.
February: Gooooood! Japan ski adventure. 3 weeks in snow heaven in Niseko, Hokkaido. Sleeping, snowboarding, eating with a bit of drinking thrown in. What a life. Want to go back again.
March: Good but painful Spent the month studying and doing assignments and exams to finish off my 5 years in the making graduate diploma in finance. 5 years wow. And I don't even know if I want to pursue the paths that this degree offers for me now.
April: Good ... in the beginning Found myself contract work within one week of looking..it pays to know the right people. Pay was way beyond my expectations. And seemed like a good place to work.
May: Good My birthday was going to pass with a wimper...until my good friend rounded up my friends for a night out on the town. It was a good night. I think it pays to celebrate your birthday no matter how you feel.
June, July, August Good and mediocre Went to NZ for the first time! With a motley crew...and had a great time. Snow was a bit crap but company was great. Must go back again when snow is better. Was also in the midst of a winning streak with the oztag team. Subsequently had to miss our semi-final appearance due to aforementioned NZ trip but we came back to lend our hand to a disappointing defeat in the grand final to our arch nemesis throughout the season. Starting to feel disinterested and disillusioned at work. I've mentioned this in previous blogs. Will not bore you with the details again.
September, October, November: Nothing of note to mention these months. I'm preoccupied with deciding what I'm going to do with myself in the following year work wise. Do I find a new permie job? Do I find a new contract job? Do I go back and study Marketing?
End November: Goood Finally moved out of home - found a great place in Pyrmont after 6 weeks of looking. Will look forward to the experience here. I wonder whether this will alleviate some of my boredom?
December: Surprisingly Good I've made the decision to look for a new job - contract or otherwise. I actually started this entry before xmas holidays. Since then I've been on a good trip to Jervis bay, and had a great nye to see in 2006
Happy New years everyone. Wishing you all great things for 2006. Make it a good one, I know I'll be trying to as well.


Blogger Chip said...

All the best for 2006 JC :)

You may have just inspired me to do something for my Bday. May be a belated celebration though...

8:57 AM

Blogger mole said...

Thanks for hosting a fab NYE party. The images of you as a sleeping angel will live on in infamy forever :-) Thanks also for letting us crash - you and muddy are definitely the hosts with the mostess..lol. Here's hoping 2006 with be a fantastic year for us all!

11:42 AM


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