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Friday, January 27, 2006

Doosh Doosh Doosh Doo-Doosh Doosh Doosh

I've been going to the big summer time raves I've been saying I wanted to go to for the last few years.
It started off with Parklife late last year, followed by a massive Jamiroquai concert, then Field Day on new years day (although that really wasn't that good - hung over and too hot..not a good combination) and just yesterday the Big Day Out.
I'm by no means a groupie, I'm starting to know the names of big dj's out there now, but it is still a matter of experimentation to see what dj's I like.
I realise that maybe I'm a bit out of it as far as what the 'coolest/hippest' music is today hehe - I found it hard yesterday to really get into any of the day time acts just because I hadn't heard of half of them until I walked into the arena and saw them.
Day time acts that were memorable included a Japanese girl called Mu. On stage with ponytail, short tartan skirt and dressed in black. She rapped in Japanese, and in between did weird gyrating dance moves that included at one stage the robot, the pull-yourself-by-the-hair move and the humping-imaginery-towel between the legs move. There was DJ John Ferris, who pretty much played what I remember to be happy hardcore techno (which I haven't heard in a club in ages!). And probably the other surprisingly good act was the Fast Crew.
In the evening, stayed to hear the 3 songs I knew from Franz Ferdinand before leaving, but then the night finished well with '2 many dj's' - they went off!


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