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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

And now for something more boring

It has occurred to me (in the toilet today) that I'd like to put down on hard drive my thoughts and ideas on software delivery and requirements analysis process. * yawn * Every company I've worked for and every project I've been on has faced the same challenges of getting this process right - implying that the end product delivered to users is what they actually want, and it is delivered in a relatively efficient manner.
And being a BA I've generally been at the center of this dilemma. While I've gained some experience in how to do it properly, its really a patchwork of ideas that might make more sense if I try to discuss them in an organised fashion.
Anyway, just wanted to put this on record to remind myself to do this at some stage :)
* yawn *
I'll try to fit in some personal angst when I do write it to give it a bit of drama.
btw can't believe I'm not going to do some boarding in the northern winter this year!


Blogger Chip said...

I would be interested in reading your thoughts on the requirements analysis process. We don't have BAs here so we make do with our Software Engineers. I would like to learn from a pro :)

1:19 PM

Blogger gizzy said...

mate, apparently it's been a h3ktIc season so far in both canadia and jappers!! you're missing out!!!!!

1:28 PM


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