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Friday, February 03, 2006

A fitter better me

An eating plan
Protein Drinks
and possibly omega oils and creatine.
This is what has happened to my diet since starting on my program with my personal trainer. I'm also now training with her 2x a week rather than just the one, hoping that it will mean I get more consistent results from my gym sessions.
I admit I am enjoying going to the gym at the moment, but it is putting time pressure on me before and after work (lucky my work isn't too strenuous), and I don't know how long I can continue paying for personal training sessions!
And I do feel better and less sluggish/unhealthy, I feel I am getting a little stronger, plus I have put on I think 2kgs since I started it.
Personal training looks like a good profession to be in at the moment..the trainers at the gym don't seem short on clients, and my trainer works solid 7am to 8pm some days! Suckers like me paying good money for someone to tell us how to lift some metal weights :)


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