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Friday, March 17, 2006

month of february

Sneeze..cough...splutter...cough some more...lie in bed.
That was my story the last 2 weeks of February. Laid low by a persistent infection I took 1 week off work, stopped going out, stopped doing most things and stayed indoors, but caught up on some movies I hadn't seen at the cinemas. Most surprising movie was probably Sin City - much better than I expected. I'm just starting to feel like my old self now though as I'm getting better.
Celebrated Sue and Marcs wedding the last week of February. It was a beautiful ceremony in mckell park followed by an afternoon snooze for my sick self, followed then by a Chinese banquet reception in Maxim's in Bankstown. Weddings always have the capacity to make me do some real self assessment on where I am in life and how I'm doing at achieving my goals. One can only hope this can lead to me taking steps to make my goals happen.
Its time I committed to making the move overseas next year. The thought of it is very exciting..overseas travel, meeting new people, new places to see and things to do. And yet I'm unable to commit myself to doing it. I just like keeping my options open I guess.
I've just extended my work contract for another 3 months. After almost 2 months of unsuccessful job hunting I had to decide to continue looking (and hope I find something before April) or secure at least more time to look for a job in comfort. Ironically I will probably have to start looking for another job again in just a month and a half's time. Good news is at least there is work to do now and I did get a pay rise :). And I can continue to look for the right job for my next contract.
Passed the 3 month mark in my apartment - marked by receiving our first electricity bill! It feels like home now, but I'll admit it hasn't had as much impact on my lifestyle as I thought. I find I watch ALOT of TV now (which is not a great thing), as opposed to spending more time out and about.
That pretty much sums up some of my preoccupations recently. AND I lost my sunglasses today! Time for some retail therapy.


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Approx. when next year will you be going overseas?

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